Infinity Imperium

Infinity Imperium talks about the birth of Camagames Studios: conquer, exploration, battles and temporal wars for the dominion over the entire galaxy, all enclosed into an epic and incredible RTS!



Holes RTS tells us the story of dental caries, their birth and their technological evolution, fighting their way through other caries to conquer the entire mouth!



The software who will revolutionize the way to create videogames! ABBREVIA is a high-tech software suitable for people that doesn't have programming knowledge: you can create a 2D game by simply drawing it!




Control: the software you will use to play videogames developed by Camagames without mouse and keyboard, just using a webcam as movement sensor.




OR, a little, pure light energy must return home! Help her to find the way home through obstacles and traps in this puzzle game!




CamaZone: "Info & Community" and collecting the projects of universe the Camagames Studio.

  • Camagames Studio

    Matteo Carretti founded the Camagames in 2007, composed by Art, Music and programming
    lovers with the goal of creating videogames. Within years, Camagames grew up collaborating
    with many companies and collaborator, enriching and refining the development of various
    multiplatform games. In 2015, the Team renewed itself in 2017 and became Camagames Studio, focused
    on developing A/AA videogames.






    44012 Bondeno (FE)


    [email protected]