The software who will revolutionize the way to create videogames! ABBREVIA is a high-tech software suitable for people that doesn’t have programming knowledge: you can create a 2D game by simply drawing it!

The Interface

Abbrevia has a vectorial GUI capable to manage your own videogames in every aspect of the programming. Simple and extremely intuitive, the menu allow realizing your games in a very short amount of time. The interface has been developed in such simple way that even an 8-year old child will be able to realize his ideas in minutes!

Drawing Editor

The interface is made up from many options, including the drawing editor, designed to the Multitouch support, will allow to realize characters and objects inside your game in fast, simple and intuitive way. Vectorial capacity will allow realizing Pixel Art masterpieces! In future, we will update Abbrevia to a more powerful and flexible version, graphically speaking, like the last generation software!

Multimedia Support

Abbrevia has a powerful and efficient multimedia support that allow you to manage and insert your own introduction video or other videos in your videogame. We will update Abbrevia with its own video editor in future.

No programming!

With Abbrevia, even an 8-year old child will be able to realize a videogame, without learning an informatics language! Abbrevia allow completing a videogame by simply drawing it, but it also allow to manage the A.I. with few clicks. In minutes, you will be able to complete an arcade, platform or racing game without writing a single code string! Using the simple Object function, with one click you will link complex behaviour like multiple collisions, platform and ball movement in a single object!






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