CONTROL platform permit to play with any Camagames game without mouse, keyboard or joypad. This is possible thanks to a free software ensemble that recognize the player or any object you want to use as controller during the game, using vocal command to stop the game or select special options or register you own game, even with dance or group videogames. This ensemble of all of this creates CONTROL: it will support up to four players in multiplayer. CONTROL is provided with videogames that support this technology. The software is able to update itself to improve its response to your commands.


In order to fully exploit CONTROL you must stay at least at 5 feet away from the webcam for action game and about 3 feet for strategic or other genres games. This details will be written in every videogames as, for example, how to arrange the webcam to have the best response. An example: for games like Super Mario, to have to arrange your webcam above your TV or monitor to have enough space to host every player for a multiplayer session. For an optimal game experience, we suggest to connect your PC directly to the TV and to light up the room where you are going to play to avoid bad response from the game. For videogames more relaxing, like strategic or managerial, every place is the right place because there are no body movements like jumps but hand movements only.






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