When the universe began, a new race came into existence, the Infinitian, a race of unbelievable
intelligence and technology who exist simultaneously without any sort of variance in every
parallel universe.
For millennia, they explored every corner of the universe: in the end, after some time, they created
five intelligent races who they implanted on many planet across the galaxy and then they left,
continuing their roam into endless expanse.
Over millennia, this new races evolved and began their expansion in the universe, colonizing new
worlds and founding empires more and more bigger.
Every race worshipped the Infinitian as Gods, always seeking their consideration, but even in the
sporadic circumstances of their passage through a star system with their enormous spaceship,
the Infinitian simply ignored the race, persisting in their own way.
For thousands of years, everything in the galaxy relatively worked out, until the day the Infinitian
simply disappeared from the universe, without leaving almost any sign, like they never came to
Every race blamed the others for the disappearance of the Gods and within few years, all of them
went to war, a galactic war for the dominion on everything and everybody.
It's right here where the player will begin the adventure!
Choose your civ, expand your empire, fight for the supremacy, travel through time to change the
course of history, discover what's happened to the Infinitians before the end!










  • System requirements

    OS: Windows 7-10
    Dual Core 2,80 Ghz
    2 GB Space HD
    2 GB RAM
    DirectX 9.0

    RELASE: ( 2017 )

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